Tuesday, 29 October 2013


  in this article I'll teach you how to hide your drives for My Computer and secure your from misuse. Well their are mainly three methods to hide your drives in computer so no one can access those drives without your permission. Today I'll teach you an effective method to hide your drive partition from My Computer and make your data private and secure. Now a day everyone want to hide their drives because of
security reasons or to protect data from multiple users. To protect your data from misuse just follow these steps.

Follow these steps to hide your drives

  • Click on START button & then click on RUN. 
  •  Type "DISKPART"  (window pop like cmd)
  •  Type which drive you want to hide..
  •  Type SELECT VOLUME 3 (example: If we want to hide D drive then select volume 3 )
  •  Volume 3 is the selected volume. 
  •  Now type REMOVE LETTER D. 
  •  DiskPart removed the drive letter.  
  • Reboot your system.
By using this method you can easily hide your driver & make your data secure from misuse. To show the drive again in My Computer is simply done by changing the keyword "REMOVE" to "ASSIGN", just replacing these word you can easily show your drives in My Computer.

 Hope this will be informative for you, kindly post your views or comments on this article.

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