Tuesday, 29 October 2013



Today in this post I'll tell you how can you hide your data in a picture. This is an easy technique to secure your data from misuse. Everyone wish to place there sensitive data in a secure manner, so there is an alternative to hide your data in a picture without uploading any additional software in your system, before explaining I'll introduce you with this technique this is called Stegnography.

What is Stegnography ?

Stegnography is defined as the art of hiding information, data or messages in an image. Even the different file formats can be used for the purpose of hiding the information like for example the video or audio etc. The purpose is to pass on the information with out any regard or knowledge of others safely to the destination. The advantage of stegnography is that those who are outside the party even do not realize that some sort of communication is being done. 

Follow these steps to hide data in picture :

  • Copy your data and image file to the same Folder.  
  •  Start > Run > CMD > CD to the folder that contain data, image files.
  • Type this command:

    copy /b image_file.jpg +data_file.rar image_file.jpg
 NOTE: image_file.jpg is an image file and data_file.rar is a data file.

To show the data file again just rename the image_file.jpg to data_file.rar, then your data file will be displayed, after that just rename it to image_file.jpg to hide data again.

 Hope this will be informative for you, kindly post your comments ask any kind of problem occur on this article.